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  • Of course Yes! A simple analogy is: Do you need Health Insurance if you are not sick? The answer is yes right?
  • Do not wait until your PC is not recoverable or you be in a situation that we can’t help you anymore. Yes it happens.
  • It is best that we put measures in place so that we can prevent problems from even happening. 
  • If you are a non IT regular computer user, mobile worker or part of global remote workforce it will be usual for you to have challenges on your PC. It is best that you will have someone so assist you professionaly.
  • Some challenges can be:
    When your computer gets infected with a virus, trojans, malware or ransomware – you will for sure to be in trouble.
    • Hard disk drive being full and a quick solution to free up space and data backup assistance is very important.
    • Computer keeps on hanging due to unoptimised softwares installed on your unit.
    • Even on simple to complex email setup assistance on Microsoft Outlook or open source email clients such as Thunderbird is really a problem.
  • As soon you have a brand new PC, it is best you subscribe to the service to make sure that your system is protected to prevent any problems from occurring. 
  • Yes we do! If we are unable to fix your PC problem – a 30-day money back can be requested. We play fair.
  • It is recommended you get our STANDARD Plan so that you will have 12 months of worry free computing since a managed Bitdefender Anti Virus will be installed to your unit. However, if you just want a one-time fix then the TUNE UP option can be availed but without the 12 months Anti Virus protection and proactive PC monitoring.
  • We have been doing IT support services since 2002. Our customers range from small 3 PC networks up to hundreds of PCs for large scale contact centres. We are also doing remote support services to a lot of companies that has mobile workforces already. So we know our stuff…
  • Upon your subscription, we will request for us to remote your PC so that we do the initial diagnosis on your problems then we can do maintenance or the fix that is required. An agent can be installed after or before we do the fix.
  • It is simple a application that will enable our customers to chat with us, create a support ticket, informs us that a problem will occur, allow us to remote their PC (with permission) and enjoy worry free computing thru the installed Bitdefender Anti Virus… Cool right?
  • Of course yes! We can always communicate thru our website chat service anytime and give us the ability to remote you on that instance. BUT, you will not be able to enjoy the proactive monitoring and managed Bitdefender Anti Virus in your PC.
  • In some cases that the problem is already hardware related, an onsite support service is required. Examples on hardware related problems can be:  screen blackout or screen not readable (video card issues), no internet hence we are unable to remote your PC (wireless/lan issues) just to name a few. If this is the case, you can always chat with us thru your mobile phone for a step by step guide on what to do.
  • Yes, we can work well with any 3rd party providers and guide them to help fix your PC.
  • Nobody is perfect and it happens. Below are the possible reasons:
    • If you have a virus, malware or anything similar that has embedded itself too deep in your system and any utilities are not able to help anymore.
    • In some cases there are users that causes problems (some are fixable some are not) such as:
           • Accidentally clicking links within their emails that compromises its system.
           • Accidentally changes system settings that affects system performance or functions.
            Some rare cases that a user forgets their access passwords.

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